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Searching Affordable Wedding Options

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Wedding Packages are usually the best for an affordable wedding.

Affordable Bay Area Wedding

Golden Gate From Baker Beach

In planning a less expensive, affordable wedding, finding an all-inclusive package will often save you the most money. Packages may include everything for your wedding day or include only some of the elements for your special day, depending on who is offering the Package.

8 Tips For Your California Garden Wedding

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A California garden wedding provides natural beauty for your ceremony.

Here are 8 tips for planning a garden wedding ceremony.

  • Garden settings can be a low cost option for your wedding, especially if the location is a public park.  Many County and State Parks will allow weddings to be held. Be sure you obtain permits if it’s a public place. There are also low cost garden options like Hastings House Garden in Half Moon Bay.


  • Mother nature provides a beautiful backdrop and a well tended garden can enhance the setting. Consider what flowers are in bloom when considering the colors for bridemaids dresses, bridal/attendant bouquets and other flowers you might add to complement the garden. You might consider a bridal bouquet with the same flowers found in the garden.


  • Be sure to walk around the location several times within the season for your wedding date and the time of day, this way you will  know what’s in bloom,  how private the area is and whether there is a bug problem you need to address.


  • Know the weather. Plan for the right month and also the time of day. . If choosing a mid-day ceremony you’ll want a shaded area so your officiant and you are not squinting and the photographer has good light for the ceremony and pictures after the ceremony.


  • You’ll also want a backup plan if rain is a possibility; renting a tent of canopy is always an option. .


  • Although an archway is not at necessary, it can add a look of elegance. Putting bows on your chairs to spruce them up a bit or having decorative umbrellas can add some additional color and playfulness.


  • Usually a garden wedding is more causal, so many brides choose a shorter, tea length gown. For the groom,  some decide on dress pants and a short-sleeve button down shirt or a linen or cotton suit. Appropriate shoes is a must, stilittos make it a little hard to navigate on grass! It’s also a good idea to specify in your invitations that you’re having a garden wedding, alerting them guests about whether it’s a formal or more causal event.


  • Finally, think about allergies.  Be prepared with your allergy medication if you use one and alert friends and family who suffer from allergies, so that they should come prepared as well.


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4 Best Beach Locations For An Affordable Low Budget Wedding

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State Beaches Around Half Moon Bay CA – Affordable Low Budget Wedding Locations

The San Mateo Coastside has many beach location for recreation, but there are four beaches that are best suited for a small wedding ceremony. For a couple or a wedding planner, these locations are certainly ones to consider for a low budget, more affordable wedding location.

Let’s travel down the Coastside, starting just south of Pacifica at Montara Beach.

Traveling south on Highway 1, just north of Half Moon Bay you find Roosevelt Beach


Just south of Half Moon Bay, on the way to the Ritz-Carlton on Miramontes Pt. Road, there is a parking lot that begins the access to a short walk to Pelican Point Beach.


7 miles further on Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay is San Gregorio Beach; there are several bluff top locations and you can also walk down to the beach for a feet-in-the-sand ceremony location.


At Weddings By The Sea we have used all of these beach locations for our Destination Wedding Package, and I’ve officiated where the couple or a wedding planner has obtained the Permit themselves and planned out the rest of the wedding for groups of up to 50 people.

For those who want to move up the scale of cost for a wedding location, there are many fine venues on the San Mateo County Coastside. Here are a number of them.

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