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Wedding Ceremony Order

A wedding ceremony program order & marriage vows includes just four major elements.

First, your wedding ceremony order begins with how you want the wedding party to proceed to the ceremony location. The traditional approach is for the men in the wedding party to proceed in from the side and the women proceed down the isle with the bride being last. The bride may enter by herself or be escorted by someone. Once the bridal party is assembled, usually the officiant will welcome the guests and give a short talk to the bridal couple. This part of the wedding ceremony program can be religious, secular, or a ceremony with a combination of the religious and the secular. Next is the exchange of vows and rings. There are two different approaches to wedding ceremony vows. One type is where the officiant asks a series of questions of the bride and groom to which they reply “I do.” In the second, the couple reads or is prompted by the officiant to share significant words of commitment. The wedding ceremony program concludes with the pronouncement of the couple as “husband and wife” and an introduction to the guests. The introduction can be something like, ” Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to introduce to you, George and Marry, husband and wife.” Or “Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to introduce to you, Mr. and Mrs. George Henderson. Here is an example of a Wedding Ceremony Program Order. The wedding ceremony can also include readings and musical numbers or elements such as the Unity Candle ceremony. This can be place anywhere in the program order where it seems appropriate. Usually the Unity Candle is performed just before the presenting announcement to the guests.

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