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What is an approved California wedding clergy for the Bay Area of San Francisco?

What is a wedding clergy in distinction from any other kind of clergy in California?

Traditionally, clergy are thought of as part of the major Denominations or church organizations. But, one the United States Founding Father’s commitments was to foster religious freedom and stay away from state sponsored religions.

This means that any group of people with a specific reason for establishing a recognized church or spiritual organization can do that by an appropriate application through the State.

This means that wedding clergy may be from any established religious organization from recognized Denominations to small groups organized for a specific spiritual or for an intentional community.

So wedding clergy is anyone ordained by one of these groups. If it’s important to a couple to have clergy from an established Denomination then they need to research the Website and discuss with the wedding clergy what group they are ordained from.

For example, I am ordained with the Humanist Society. They are not a major Denomination and don’t have a specific religious dogma, but are authorized in California as a legal entity for their celebrants to perform marriage ceremonies.

Other terms include Marriage Officiant, California Wedding Minister, Wedding Ceremony Officiant, and Wedding Celebrant.


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