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Bridesmaid Dresses

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be a fun shopping experience for the bride and her attendents.

My wedding plans probably began the moment I was old enough to play dress-up. I had this fantasy of having a fairytale wedding throughout all of my growing up years. I’d find bridal magazines and cut out pictures of wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses. I would even cut out pictures of bouquets that I adored. I kept all of my findings in a folder that was hidden in my bedroom. If anyone knew they would have thought I was rather ridiculous. Over the years, friendships would change and if someone did something to irritate me, I knew that they wouldn’t be wearing one of my beautiful bridesmaid dresses that I’d so precariously chosen. Of course, they didn’t know that.

The moment that my husband proposed, I was off and running. I yanked that folder out of its secret hiding place and drooled over those pictures. Most of the styles were outdated by then, but I still had the basic scheme of exactly what I wanted. I knew what my gown would look like and I knew that the bridesmaid dresses would be some shade of burgundy. Sure enough, when I gathered all of my attendants together to shop for the bridesmaid dresses, that is the color I fell in love with.

We went to a few bridal shops before purchasing the bridesmaid dresses in order to compare prices. Some stores were charging up to a hundred dollars more than the last store for the exact same dresses. We finally committed to placing orders for my dream bridesmaid dresses at an outlet store for less money. My attendants were happy with that and I was ecstatic that the color of the bridesmaid dresses I’d always dreamed about was actually going to become a reality. My fairytale wedding plans were off to a brilliant start.

On my wedding day, guests commented on the style and color of the bridesmaid dresses that I’d chosen. Everyone agreed that with the season we were in and the elegance of the wedding, the dresses were a perfect touch. Several people commented to others that my gown and the bridesmaid dresses must have cost a small fortune. True, my wedding gown was more than I had wanted to spend, but the bridesmaid dresses had been a bargain for my attendants. I knew that no one had a problem with paying for their dresses. I’d made certain of that. My fairytale wedding had been a success and absolutely perfect. Of course, with all of the years of planning that I’d put into it, I would not have expected it to have been anything less than perfect.

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