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Why choose to elope in a location like Baker Beach in San Francisco or in Half Moon Bay like this happy couple?

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Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, has the following definition of what it means to elope. “To elope, most literally, merely means to run away. More specifically, elopement is often used to refer to a marriage conducted in sudden and secretive fashion, usually involving hurried flight away from one’s place of residence.”

For example, our Weddings By The Sea Intimate Ceremony Elopement Package includes beach or indoor location, officiant, bride/groom flowers, and photography we can arrange within 24 hours.

Here are 10 reasons to elope couples consider.

  1. Affordability
    Elopement can be a money saving choice, combining a marriage ceremony with a honeymoon location. Facility rental, invitations, expensive dresses & tuxedoes for the wedding party are just a few of the expenses one can eliminate by traveling to another location.
  2. Timesaving
    You can greatly minimize planning. There are locations all over the US and the rest of the world that offer complete packages for lodging, officiant, flowers and photography that are also priced favorably. It’s is a practical solution to career couples or those with family responsibilities.
  3. Alleviating Stress
    To eliminate the pressures of traditional wedding, an elopement can save many of the tension producing elements that can stress out a relationship.
  4. Serenity
    Some folks just want to have a quite, serene location and experience to be able to fully focus on each other and the reasons for their joining together in marriage.
  5. Intimacy
    Being surrounded by scores, sometimes hundreds of people, standing up in front of them, and finally spending the rest of the day at the reception can be a bit too much public involvement for some couples. Having just the couple and perhaps a few friends or family attending can make for a more intimate experience.
  6. Fun & Romance
    Elopement allow one to choose somewhere that’s fun and romantic!
  7. Freedom From Tradition
    Some couples want to elope just to do something a bit unique and different.
  8. Exhilaration
    There is something so exciting about deciding to elope to a special place, maybe even on the spur of the moment after living with each other for years and deciding that it’s time to add another dimension to the relationship.
  9. Opposition
    Due to religious, racial or cultural misconceptions, to elope can eliminate unnecessary scenes of tension.
  10. Second Marriage
    Often one or both members of the couple have been married before and had a large, tradition wedding ceremony. Because of that, it’s just not something they want to do a second time. So to elope is a way to make the second marriage ceremony unique and special.
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