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The Honeymoon – Half Moon Bay – Coastside

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Imagine it, after spending hours planning your wedding and reception, you’ve entertained and celebrated with your family and friends during the wedding festivities and now you’re married! You’re ready to begin your life together starting with your long awaited honeymoon!

Hopefully you have chosen a Honeymoon destination that allows you to de-stress, fully enjoy each others company somewhere you will both enjoy and not feel like you have broken the bank to get there.

Working with a travel agency is a good way to get some help in the process using experienced, knowledgeable professionals.

Bay World Travel is located in the Strawflower Village in Half Moon Bay and will take the stress out of your dream Honeymoon by handling your arrangements and will be there for you before, during and after your vacation. They have been providing travelers with travel planning and their expertise since 1979. Their travel agents provide a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience for choosing the perfect destination.

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Selecting Wedding Rings – Half Moon Bay – California

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wedding rings
Getting engaged is a very special moment in people’s lives. Finding the right engagement ring and/or wedding sets is an important decision and should not be made in a hurry.

The most time-consuming part of buying wedding rings is selecting what you want. Jewelry stores will have a wide variety of wedding sets and bands to choose from and should be able to provide sizing and engraving options relatively quickly. If you are interested in having custom rings made, look for a quality jeweler who can work with you on the design and create them for you.

Main Street Goldworks is a family-owned jewelry store located in historic downtown, Half Moon Bay, CA. They have a beautiful selection of wedding jewelry in platinum, gold, and silver. As diamond brokers who travel to Antwerp, Belgium to buy diamonds direct from renowned sources, they have a large collection of high quality diamond jewelry.

Custom design is also available where you can be involved in the design process to ensure the durability and beauty of the design you wish to have created. Jay, the owner, is experienced in the art of hand-fabrication and creates beautiful pieces working directly with metal. Or, your design can be created in wax casting.

Personalized engraving is also an option and a great way to provide a special message that will be treasured for a lifetime.

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“Where Do I Start?” – Half Moon Bay – California

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“We are getting married! ”  Ok, you’ve now made the announcement to family and friends. There’s excitement in the air and the ideas and years of stored dreams begin flowing between you. You may even find yourselves getting immediately into the finer details for your “big day”. Then you wonder, “Where do we start?” Let us suggest a few “first steps”. First, establish a budget. This isn’t always the easiest subject to talk about between couples and families, but it is a critical piece of information before you can move forward. It’s very important to have an established budget before you start planning and stick to it. If parents are going to be involved, now is the time to ask them what they are willing and able to contribute financially. Also, decide if and how much each of you can contribute to the wedding costs. Now that you have your budget,  ask yourselves whether you want to focus your spending on the ceremony or the reception or whether both are equally important to you and any other different options available to you that you can think up. Fortunately, there is no set  approach to how you should have your wedding ceremony, reception, or how you use vendors  for your ceremony or reception. Finally, create a worksheet ; list the categories for the ceremony and reception and prioritize them before you begin visiting locations or obtain pricing from vendors. Keep in mind that if you are planning on a luncheon or dinner reception most of your costs are for food and beverages. Through it all, don’t forget this is supposed to be an enjoyable, special time in your lives, so listen to and respect  each other’s ideas. And have fun!
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