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Catering – Half Moon Bay – Coastside

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When you’ve chosen a rehearsal dinner or wedding reception location that doesn’t include the meal or food service arrangements it’s necessary to hire a full service catering company.

There are many catering companies on the San Mateo County Coastside to choose from who provide a wide range of services and expertise. One we have used consistently is Sample This!

Sample This! is a full service catering company that has been serving the Coastside and the Peninsula since 1977.

They provide the following services:

  • Catering engagement parties, rehearsal dinners and wedding receptions.
  • Guiding clients with their event planning expertise to create a menu especially designed for you and your guests within the budget you have set for your reception dining, whether your plans are for a full service meal or drinks and appetizers.
  • Providing you a range of rental options.

Schedule an appointment to discuss your specific needs by calling 650-726-2044. Or visit them at

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Things To Consider For A Wedding Ceremony – Half Moon Bay – California

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While your wedding ceremony is not the most time consuming activities or the greatest expense of our wedding, when everything is said and done the ceremony is why it’s all happening. Here are 10 things you might consider in preparation for your wedding ceremony. 1. Family Seating Usually the mothers of the Bride are seated before the ceremony starts. Occasionally grandparents are seated also. You also need to decide who will escort the family in. 2. Religious Or Secular Focus Do either of you have a spiritual or religious tradition that you want to express in the ceremony or do you want a secular approach? Do you want mention of God or a prayer? 3. Length Of Ceremony The basic elements of a ceremony, including a talk by the officiant ,usually takes about 15 minutes. If a longer time is desired, then other elements need to be added to the ceremony. 4. Other Elements Things to add to the service might include readings, special music, the Unity Candle, poems, or a special talk by a family member. 5. Briday Party Entrance The women can enter singly or the bridal party can enter as couples. The Bride can be escorted by a family member or signifcant person. If the women enter singly, then the men usually enter from the side along with the Groom and the officiant. 6. Wedding Talk By Officiant Usually the Officiant will give a few welcoming words and then give a short talk to the Bride and Groom. These can be general in nature or can include personal elements shared with the Officiant prior to the ceremony. 7. Wedding Vows There are hundreds of choices for vows, including writing your own. Here is selection of types of vows. 8. Rings Exchange What do you want to communicate during the rings exchange? What does it symbolize for you? The traditional is “With ring I thee wed.” But, it can be something unique as an exchange of committment. 9. Presentation Of The Couple Traditionally, the Bride became a Mrs. so the introduction would be, “Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduct Mr. & Mrs. Fred Johnson. ” Some brides take their husbands name, but prefer to be announced as Mary and Fred, husband and wife. This also works well when the Bride is keeping her last name. 10. Music Music is a key part of a ceremony. The first decision is what musical style best represents you, Classical or more popular contemporary music. Next is whether to have live music or use the DJ for the ceremony. A soloist is also an option for part of the ceremony. Go to for additional info on the elements of a ceremony. terry Plank Authored by Terry Plank

Reception Alternatives – Half Moon Bay – Coastside

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Your wedding day can be very costly, but there are ways to make your wedding day more affordable by taking a less traditional approach to your reception arrangements.

We often think that a wedding reception must be an elaborate affair in a private room with a sit-down dinner, drinks, dancing, and a photographer booked for most of the reception.

A private room can cost from $500.00 – $2000.00 dependent on the location and some restaurants have a minimum food service charge. You may not be having a large enough group to warrant paying that minimum food charge.

An option to reduce the cost of a reception is to have a dinner reception at a local restaurant that isn’t in a private room and make it a luncheon or dinner meal for your guests where a minimum or room charge may not apply. The Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce is a great resource for restaurants in the Half Moon Bay area if you choose that option.Be sure when you call the restaurant you start by explaining that you are calling regarding a reception meal, but it doesn’t have to be in a private room.

If you don’t have a private room then music and dancing would not be an option, so you can further reduce your reception costs.

A photographer for the reception can cost an additional $800.00 – $2000.00 for their time at the reception. Instead of hiring a photographer for the wedding ceremony and reception, just ask a close friend to take pictures at the reception. You can also purchase good quality disposable cameras for the table/s and ask your guests to take random shots throughout your meal.

You might be thinking, “Well, it is important to me to have a professional photographer for the cake cutting “ceremony”.To accomplish this you can hire the photographer for an hour of the reception only and upon your arrival have a “mock” cake cutting to capture the moment and then have your friends take additional shots during the actual cake cutting later.

Everyone is looking for ways to make their wedding day more affordable and special, so I will continue to provide ideas for making your wedding day arrangements with cost saving ideas that you may not have considered.

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