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Half Moon Bay Online Directory – Coastside Live

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There are many Coastside and online resources to find information when considering a visit, planning an event, standing on the street corner in Half Moon Bay looking for a location, or living here and trying to find a local service like an Insurance Agency.

Coastside Live is the easiest to use for locating Coastside business addresses and phone numbers, things are readily findable in Coastside Live.  Sites like the Coastside Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce and the Half Moon Bay Review include only members or advertisers, Yelp and the search engine’s “Local” sites take some digging if you don’t know exactly what you are searching for.  Coastside Live has everything in clear lists in each category; it’s easy to scan and get that address and phone number.

So, ease of finding “everything local” is the first advantage of Coastside Live.

Next, the home page has three clear sections showing, the Coastside Calendar, Weather/Surf Reports, and Web Cams to showing exactly what the day looks like.  As a local resident and a wedding vendor I find that Coastside Calendar especially handy  for finding entertainment every night of the week and for recommending to wedding clients things to do if they are spending some time here before or after their wedding. The owners of Coastside Live make it easy for companies to enter their own entertainment or local activity listings and they follow up with those who don’t so it stays current.

Finally, comprehensivenes is a real plus; by following menu links like Eat, Sleep, Play, Shop, Move, or Local Services you can find everything you might need. I counted over 60 categories in Local Services alone. New local businesses and service providers can submit their information to Coastside Live by contacting them at

A word to businesses, organizations, and activity providers; since Coastside Live has excellent search engine findability for all the major keyword searchers use to find Coastside services, paying for a link or advertising on the site is a no-brainer for low cost traffic generation. However, your listing is free, so get it in the directory if you don’t find it there.

Visit this online directory at

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Honeymooning in Half Moon Bay

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The Half Moon Bay Coastside is a small, quiet, beautiful community situated on HWY 1 just 30 miles south of San Francisco. Not only is it a great location for a wedding ceremony and reception, but also provides many features and activities for a very special honeymoon.

With its easy access to many beautiful beaches, several excellent restaurants for dining, bed and breakfast locations overlooking the ocean and many other activities you will be sure to have a special honeymoon without having to travel far.

A few of the beaches which are sure to please are Montara State beach, the Miramontes Point Rd beach, the beach area near the famous Mavericks surf location and the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve.

Some of the lodging locations with views of the ocean from your room or balcony are the Beach House found at, the Cypress Inn at and Landis Shores at

Many other activities are available to entertain you all within a short drive –

Horseback riding, whale-watching, sport-fishing, shopping in quaint downtown Half Moon Bay, golf, a visit to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve tide pools, walking through Princeton harbor, a trip to the Point Montara and Pigeon Point Lighthouses and a visit to the Ano Nuevo State Reserve for a guided elephant seal tour or just spending time relaxing on the beach.

For more information on restaurants, lodging locations and activities the Half Moon Bay Chamber of Commerce website at is a good resource.

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Coastside Live Calendar of Events – Half Moon Bay – California

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Whether considering a wedding ceremony on the Coastside of San Mateo, a getaway to the coast, or just finding out as a resident what’s happening on the Coastside, you can go to the Coastside Live web site for a complete and helpful Calendar for Coastside Events.

You don’t have to check with a number of web sites to find all the Coastside activities & events, music & entertainment, school, sports, community and government calendars. Just go to and search either for Events and Activities, Music and Entertainment, or all in one calendar.

If you have regular events you can even post your events by just applying once to be a contributor and then you can post whenever you want. So whether you want to know happening during your planned trip to Half Moon Bay or just wanting to keep up with what’s happening in your community, it’s one of the best ways I know to find out everything that’s happening throughout the Coastside

Coastside Live is helpful in another way, it’s a clean, easy to use site that has a comprehensive listing of resources on the Coastside with phone numbers and addresses:

· Where to eat, sleep, and play.

· Listings of Annual Events and things to do.

· Entertainment venues; all the local services like auto repair; and real estate offices and realtors.

There’s no hype, distracting graphics, difficult navigation, just good ol’ text content where you can find things easily and see exactly what’s there. There’s also a search box for just just

I use it every day to get a phone number for a local business or send my clients and friends when they are looking for anything on the Coastside of San Mateo. I also rely on it for traffic to my business, after the search engines, it’s the 4 highest traffic generator to my site.

Best Regards, Terry

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