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Attendant Gifts

Attendant gifts require a little more planning than the bridesmaids gift selection.

Choosing attendant gifts can be one of the most difficult decisions for you wedding. It is a well-known fact that women are simply easier to shop for than men. This is because we like a lot of things. This is illustrated every holiday which requires a gift for grandpa. You never know what on earth to get him aside from cash. You definitely don’t want to use cash as attendant gifts for your wedding. This dilemma can be solved with a little thought.

Some of this thought requires you to consider which attendant gifts will thrill your devoted friends and family who stand by your side on your special day. I’m sure that you have many fond memories that can be captured in the right attendant gifts if you devote a little time to the cause.

Most men love sports. You really can’t go wrong with a sports theme in your attendant gifts. Try tickets to the next hockey game after the wedding. The guys will have a great time and have a great memory of the thoughtful present. Some have suggested golf lessons for the occasion, but I wouldn’t want to insult anyone.

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My husband chose the Pittsburgh Steelers for his theme. This worked out great for our wedding party. We bought a Steelers tie for our driver and each attendant got various Steelers paraphernalia specific to his own taste. My business-minded brother received a paperweight with the team logo etched inside while my husband’s brother got a Steeler’s clock.

These attendant gifts are special because they are not normally associated with weddings in particular. Instead, they represent the relationship between my husband and his friends and family.

Right now poker is one of the hottest trends. Even the ladies love poker these days and the entire theme is a great idea for attendant gifts. You can include decks of cards and some poker chips in the collection. This is a personal favorite of mine.

Those who like to stick to tradition can do so in unique ways. For example, common attendant gifts include money clips and watches. There are money clips available in gold or silver that has the face of a watch on the front of them. These working clocks serve a second function

Whether you want your friends to share a special night out after the wedding or whether you want tradition to stand strong, take a little time to put some thought into your attendant gifts. It will pay off in the end.

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