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4 Best Beach Locations For An Affordable Low Budget Wedding

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State Beaches Around Half Moon Bay CA – Affordable Low Budget Wedding Locations

The San Mateo Coastside has many beach location for recreation, but there are four beaches that are best suited for a small wedding ceremony. For a couple or a wedding planner, these locations are certainly ones to consider for a low budget, more affordable wedding location.

Let’s travel down the Coastside, starting just south of Pacifica at Montara Beach.

Traveling south on Highway 1, just north of Half Moon Bay you find Roosevelt Beach


Just south of Half Moon Bay, on the way to the Ritz-Carlton on Miramontes Pt. Road, there is a parking lot that begins the access to a short walk to Pelican Point Beach.


7 miles further on Highway 1 from Half Moon Bay is San Gregorio Beach; there are several bluff top locations and you can also walk down to the beach for a feet-in-the-sand ceremony location.


At Weddings By The Sea we have used all of these beach locations for our Destination Wedding Package, and I’ve officiated where the couple or a wedding planner has obtained the Permit themselves and planned out the rest of the wedding for groups of up to 50 people.

For those who want to move up the scale of cost for a wedding location, there are many fine venues on the San Mateo County Coastside. Here are a number of them.

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Wedding Chapel – Ceremony Location

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Historic Turn Of The Century Church Chapel For Unique Wedding Location


Wedding Chapel Half Moon Bay

I wrote about this unique location in a blog post in  2009 , explaining the building and its history.

This time I’m including  to some visuals and a link to our website for a video of this unique, lovely Chapel in downtown Half Moon Bay.

Weddings by The Sea includes this wedding location as an option for our Destination Wedding Packages and I’ve performed many ceremonies there over the years, enjoying everyone.

They have a piano available and a very efficient wedding coordinator, Danise Conrad. We’ve used Michael Wong and Kirk Moore as photographers for our ceremonies over the  years; they do stunning work like the ones below Michael shot.

Interior Methodist Wedding Chapel

Wedding Chapel Half Moon Bay

 At our website you can also view our YouTube video showing the outside and inside of the chapel.

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Harley Farms Goat Dairy – Things To Do Around Half Moon Bay

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Visit The Goats – Buy Their Cheese

Harley Farms Pescadero Half Moon Bay

Harley Farms Goat Dairy is just a few miles south of Half Moon Bay in Pescadero CA. Originally a Mexican land grant, Pescadero was settled in the 1850’s and is a fun destination that includes this working goat dairy.

Harley Farms,  is open year-round for farm and dairy tours, cheese making classes, and events in their restored hayloft. After visiting the goats you can watch the milk move from goat to dairy, from curd to cheese.  Then you can shop in their unique country store for fresh goat milk cheese, bath and body products, and apparel like a Shetland wool cap.

They have many different events on the farm and are also available for weddings, private events, corporate events, and their unique Farm Dinners where they serve you a special meal in their converted original hayloft. That dinner is served on a Redwood table milled from a huge log that was salvaged from floating down Pescadero Creek in a during a heavy rail season.

Visit their website at Harley Farms Goat Dairy or contact them at – (650) 879-0480.  Or drop on by at 205 North Street in Pescadero California. From Half Moon Bay, drive 17 miles south on Highway 1 Pescadero Creek Road .

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